A Frontend Developer and Podcaster based in Dubai, UAE.

I am a frontend developer with more than 15 years of experience building beautiful and functional websites. My expertise includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and I have worked with clients across a range of industries. I am passionate about creating websites that not only look great but also perform well and provide a seamless user experience.

Also, I am hosting a Podcast "Harka's Podcast" which releases every Saturday and mainly focused Nepalese community in the United Arab Emirates.

Harka's Podcast

Harka's Podcast is the show where we bring various personalities from various sectors whether already successful or still struggling. We cover a range of topics related to the guests, their experiences, their stories, and more. Our mission is to educate and provide various information rise on the show. Each episode provides different information and stories that are sure to keep you informed and engaged. Don't miss out on the latest episodes! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YouTube Channel today!

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Episode 21 - Season 2

In this episode, we got a chance to talk to Nimesh Giri an advisor, a social thinker, a writer, a poet, and a journalist. Let's catch this and get to know more about him in this episode.

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Episode 20 - Season 2

Dan Pariyar is a sportsperson and events manager who is here in Dubai since 2006. In this episode, he shares stories from Nepal to India to Dubai. Let's catch this and get to know more about him in this episode.

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Episode 19 - Season 2

In this episode, we had a chance to talk to a well an experienced tattoo artist Balak Gurung, who owns Balax Tattoo Ink. Balak began his artistic career at a young age, with various difficulties. Let's catch this and get to know more about him in this episode.

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Episode 18 - Season 2

Aasha Lama is an investor and international speaker on migration. Also, she is the chairperson of AashaH4Foundation. She participated in Global Village of UAE in 2003 as the first Nepali to represent the country. Let's catch this and get to know more about her in this episode.

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Episode 17 - Season 2

Basanta Shrestha is a singer from Butwal, Nepal, and President of Butwal Rocks. Santosh Pariyar is also a struggling artist from Nepal but he is here in Dubai involved with Bulls Rock and Gurkha's Events. Both of them share their experiences and stories with Harka's Podcast.

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Episode 16 - Season 2

Geshan Manandhar is a software engineer and tech speaker, with more than 15 years of software engineering experience. In this episode, he shares his experiences working in the Netherlands, Dubai, and Australia. Also, he shares why he moved abroad and why he doesn't want to back to Nepal. Currently, he lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Episode 15 - Season 2

Sanil Ghising, the president of Tamang Society UAE, talks about his personal life and roles in society, especially in Tamang Society UAE.

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Episode 14 - Season 2

Jitu Lopchan is a singer, who is most popular in Tamang Selo, though she sang so many Nepali songs.

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Episode 13 - Season 2

Esha Giri is a TikToker, a Beautician, and the Owner of Saisha Beauty Salon in Dubai.

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Episode 12 - Season 2

Bhim Malla Thakuri is a Social Worker, Founder Chairman of Thakuri Collaboration Network UAE, Youth Coordinator at NRNA UAE NCC, Sports Regional Coordinator at the International Nepalese Artist Society (INAS), and Owner of Gurkha Document Services Tourism.

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Episode 11 - Season 2

Rashmi Lama is a single parent and a career successful woman. A Trade Shopper Marketing Specialist at Philips, The Middle East.

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Episode 10 - Season 2

M. Siddique Yaseen, M. Hammad Chaudhry, and Tara Shrestha talk about their new venture company Global Business Council.

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